Snapquiz - Static Electricity

This is the Snapquiz on Static Electricity. Click here or use the embedded video if you haven't watched the lesson yet.

Question 1. How does a photocopier rely on static charge?

The charge drives the motors.
The charge moves the paper.
The charge powers the light.
The charge attracts tiny particles of toner.

Question 2. What effect will a positively charged plate have on a stream of alpha particles?

They'll be repelled by it.
No effect.
They could be either repelled or attracted by it, because they might have different charges.
They'll be attracted by it.

Question 3. If you hold a charged plastic rod near a stream of water from a tap, what will happen?

The stream will be attracted by the rod.
The stream could be either attracted or repelled by the rod.
The stream will be repelled by the rod.

Question 4. Which statement is correct?

Opposite charges repel.
Like charges attract.
Opposite charges attract.
Like charges do nothing.

Question 5. Which particle has a positive charge?


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